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Sales Funnels

Today, an ever-increasing number of business owners and consumers are shopping for products and services through the Internet, and having a strong digital sales funnel has never been more important. By using a strong funnel, any visitors to your website will convert into buyers in just a short time.

Developing the perfect funnel is a fine art, and there are multiple stages to it. Each stage needs to be split-tested in order to get a sense of its effectiveness, then further refined and monitored so that you can make sure clients are effectively converting to sales.

Build awareness

First, it’s vital for potential customers or clients to be exposed to your brand and make them aware that you exist.

Instead of going straight for the sale right from the get-go, it’s more effective to introduce your business and connect with your audience via an overall awareness video or other type of media such as an image. They’ll get to know your brand that way.


Second, in order to set up a digital sales funnel that converts, it’s necessary to educate your audience. You want them to understand why you are different, what makes you better than the competition, and the value you are offering them, and to achieve this you’ll have to teach them.

Point out what makes you unique or different so your prospective clients know why they should shop with you or use your service. Educate them so they fully understand your value proposition.


After they’re aware of your brand and know what makes you unique, it’s the perfect time to appear in front of them one more time and remind them you exist by retargeting them through a variety of channels including email, Facebook, YouTube, and display ads on Google.

This moment is an invaluable opportunity for you to start a conversation with customers on social media. You can let them know that not only do you care about what they have to say, you care about them as people too.


At this point your audience is aware of your business, you’ve educated them on what makes you different, and they have engaged with you on some level. Now, after you’ve taken these three essential steps, the time has come for the final step. It is time to ask them for the sale.

After all, you’ve delivered value to these people and have built a level of trust. Perhaps they are ready to take that next step.

Let Us Help You Create A High Converting Sales Funnel For Your Business!